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Compression Tube Fittings

Compression Tube Fittings

Stainless Steel 316Ti Tube Fittings Supplier| ASTM A403 UNS S31635  | SS 316Ti Ferrule Fittings | SS 316Ti Compression Tube Fittings | SS 316Ti Double Ferrule, Single Ferrule Tube Fittings | SS 316Ti Connector, Union, Tee, Adapter, Ferrule, Cross, Plug, Bushing, Elbow

Aashish Metal & Alloys  is a Specialist of SS 316Ti Tube Fittings and all its forms. We supply and export all kinds of Stainless steel tube fittings all kinds such as Single Ferrule fittings, Double Ferrule Fittings and Instrumentation Fittings.Our major exports of compression tube fittings include Union, Tee, Adapter, Ferrule, Cross, Plug, Bushing, Elbow, Connector, etc

SS 316Ti  Tube Fittings are also known as Ferrule Fittings, these ferrule fittings are of two types namely Single Ferrule and Double Ferrule. We have a vast number of program in the instrumentation and calibration industry. Large of the need and intake is in the oil and gas, Hydraulics, Pneumatics & Analysis and Growth areas. The range of products for instrumentation contains tube fittings, valves, pipe fittings, manifolds, condensate containers. SS 316Ti Tube Fittings have powerful stamina and durability, with perfection in Threads (NPT, BSPT, BSPP). Each and every individual unit is examined for gauge and stress before it results in the property. Thus, we have not experienced a single being rejected in exports of our tube fittings in the last several years. They have great program uses in various areas especially for areas like oil & gas, hydraulics, research and development, atomic, marine etc. Most popular quality Inconel 600 ferrule fittings are offered at various places, they are widely used because of their excellent technical and physical qualities. They maintain great demands and temperatures; they avoid deterioration and are of great durability as well as find their way. All fittings are produced according to worldwide standards and carry assurance for their performance.

 Stainless Steel 316Ti Tube Fittings Dimensions:

Forms of Tube FittingsSizeDimension Standards
Male Connector, Bulk Head Union, union Cross, Male Pipe Weld Connector, Union Tee, Female Connector, Blanking End, Reducer, Back Ferrule, Union, Male Elbow, Reducing Union, Bulkhead Male Connector, Elbow Union, Female Elbow, Blanking Plug, Male Adapter, Front Ferrule6mm to 38mm1/4" to 1 1/2"

Stainless Steel 316Ti Tube Fittings  Specifications:

Size: 1/16” to 2″ inch


Pressure Rating: 3000 – 6000 PSI

Applicable temperature:150-400°C

Type: Single Ferrule tube fitting, Double Ferrule tube fitting, Hydraulic tube fitting, Instrumentation tube fitting

Stainless Steel 316Ti Tube Fittings Forms:

We export and manufacture all forms of SS 316Ti Compression Tube Fittings which include all forms of Ferrule Fittings including  Single Ferrule Fittings, Double Ferrule Fittings and Instrumentation Fittings. They are –

  • Reducing Elbows 90 Deg.
  • Hexagon Head Plugs Tapered.
  • Round Caps.
  • Hexagon Caps.
  • Square Head Plugs.
  • Male Connectors.
  • Male Elbow
  • Reducing Union
  • Hexagon Bushings Female.
  • Elbows 45 Deg. Male.
  • Elbows 45 Deg. Female.
  • Reducing Tee
  • Female Tee.
  • Hexagon Bushings Male
  • Union Tee
  • Male Tee
  • Female Connectors.
  • Adaptors
  • Cross
  • Union
  • Reducing Bushing
  • Pipe Caps
  • Pipe Plug

Chemical Composition                                            
Element:Content (%)
Cr16.50 - 18.50
Ni10.50- 14.00
Si0.0- 1.00
C0.0- 0.08
Mo2.00- 2.50
Ti0.40- 0.70

Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength (MPa)500 - 700
Proof Stress (MPa)200 Min
Elongation A50 mm40 Min %
Hardness Brinell215 Max HB

Physical Properties                       
Density8.00 g/cm3
Electrical Resistivity0.074 x 10-6 Ω.m
Modulus Elasticity193 GPa
Melting Point1400°C
Thermal Conductivity16.3 W/m.K
Thermal Expansion15.9 x 10-6 /K

Aashish Metal & Alloys exports Stainless Steel Tube Compression Fittings to countries like UAE, Bahrain, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, United States, Mexico, Chine, Brazil, Peru, Nigeria, Kuwait, Jordan, Dubai, Thailand (Bangkok), Venezuela, Iran, Germany, UK, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, South Africa, Kazakhstan & Saudi Arabia.

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